Friday, September 3, 2010

More Unexpected Visits

I had an unexpected visit from my daughter this morning. The doorbell rang and not accustomed to having visitors early in the morning, I peeped out to see who was calling. She stepped inside, bearing a warm gift of hot chocolate from McDonald's. Knowing she is a busy mom, I was excited to have some time to catch up with her as we sipped on our hot cocoa, no matter how short the visit.

We talked about the grandchildren first. They are always at the forefront of our minds as mother and grandmother. Then, we talked briefly about her new position as art teacher at the private school where they attend and her plans to order supplies for the classes she is teaching. From her new shoes (which she found for a bargain price) to cupcakes for my granddaughter's birthday, we moved from one conversation to the next.

When she arrived, she stated her visit would be brief as this being one of her days free from teaching, she must get her household errands done. My immediate thought was of the sacrifice she'd made to pay a call when other important things in her life needed attending. Though her visit was short lived this made it all the more special to me.

While we were quietly talking with each other, I spotted a shadow cast by the sun shining through the blinds on my kitchen door near the deck. From the size, I estimated it to be a large insect as I felt a shiver go down my back. Hopefully not a large beetle like I'd just found upside down on its back in the sun just a few days ago! I walked over and peeled back the blinds to see a tiny green baby lizard skitter down the door frame and onto the carpet. I would have to be really fast to catch this little creature.

First, I trapped him under a plastic tumbler, accidentally chopping off a portion of his tail which continued to twitch after being severed. To prevent further damage, I simply left him trapped under the cup until my daughter's visit was over. After she left, I remembered having emptied a large plastic jar that held Demerara sugar earlier. Fetching the jar, I maneuvered the tiny and now sufficiently frightened lizard into the jar, capping it with the lid. For several minutes I made photographs to capture a visual of my unexpected visitor.

Two unexpected visits in one morning. One visit intentional and one quite simply happenstance. Or was it just a fluke this little four legged creation made his entrance today. As I glimpsed the words "Earth Friendly" on the jar, while snapping photos of my injured friend, I felt a smile come to my lips. Releasing him into the bright sunshine on the deck to go on about his day, I recognized I'd done the same thing as my daughter scurried off to her activity filled day. I felt another smile spread across my face as I thanked God for intentional visits and those that may seem happenstance in the crazy-busy lifestyle of our modern world.


One last thought...How could you be intentional in paying a call to someone that would make our earth a more friendly place today? And when was the last time you had a happenstance meeting with someone that became a chance for a real life, real time encounter with someone who needed your encouragement, your smile, your presence in their life? Even though your visit may be brief, it could bring a spark of life to someone's day. There are many elderly who may feel as trapped as this little lost lizard that would appreciate some sunshine in their day. Will you be the one to light up another's life today?
"You are the light of the world." Matthew 5:14

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  1. The lizards tail will grow back you know, that is why the lizard represents regrowth and transformation.


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