Monday, June 21, 2010

Is "Burping" Healthy?

Ever had a day suddenly take a wild turn in the opposite direction? If so, you may be able to identify with my healthy morning turned hectic. Picture it this way...

You wake early feeling motivated to do a two mile walk and as you get your heart rate up and your muscles and joints loosened up, you congratulate yourself on finally following through. You don't want to neglect your spiritual exercise so you sit down and spend some quiet time reading God's Word and lifting up some really pressing needs of others before the next door neighbor's yard man shows up with the weed eater and blower to blow your quiet time. You begin to realize your body is beginning to give you signals indicating a need for some physical sustenance, so you plan in your mind the healthy breakfast you've decided must follow a two mile walk. No chocolate chip cookies or leftover pound cake with the coffee this morning.

You get the turkey bacon frying up in the pan and place your "brown bread" in the toaster oven. One egg for some needed protein should round out this breakfast perfectly. But then you remember you fare better when you have a filling breakfast and you better include some fiber. You go for the Old Fashioned oats thinking of your cholesterol. And certainly you know that a substantial breakfast will cut your cravings as you continue this perfectly crafted day.

Ever think about the old fashioned Tupperware parties where we learned to "burp" the latest addition to their collection? Well, there's a reason why this genius came up with such a beautiful answer to woman's work in the kitchen. As I reached up to get my 42 oz container of heart healthy oats, I felt a shower of about 15 of the 30 bowls of small particles of the whole grain goodness pouring out onto my forearms and into my laundry basket filled with dirty towels.

It was in the midst of the oatmeal rain it crossed my mind the shelving above my washer and dryer are not an appropriate place to store such expertly milled goodness. Instead of vanishing oatmeal cookies touted on the label, I found at least 6,000 grains of this substance pouring into my laundry basket and into every crevice of my washer. When I realize there are cups of the powdery mess lodged in the sliver of space between my washer and dryer the width of the turkey bacon still sizzling on the stove, I run for my Electrolux. No,vacuuming was not a part of my schedule for today, especially not the type that requires all the specialized tools.

After shaking each individual towel, I begin my task of vacuuming the floor only to find the bag is completely full as I watch the vacuum actually spit loose grains into the heat register nearby. Going for my feather weight I hope to nip this problem in the bud... or at least the trash receptacle. A broom, two vacuums, a spoon and several other tools later, I am wondering if my cholesterol was worth it since my blood pressure seemed to rise as I tackled the seemingly growing number of receptacles filled with tiny grains of oatmeal.

When I finally felt I had made a dent in the cleanup project, I sat down to eat my now cool but healthy breakfast. And yes, I made my oatmeal. I surveyed the damage from across the room, trying to get a positive perspective on the situation. I decided not to berate myself for the foolish idea that a 2 lb. 10 oz. container of rolled oats belongs anywhere near a washer dryer combo. Instead, I applauded myself on learning a new skill today. Perhaps you'll need this tip at some point in your life, so I'll pass it on to you. Your small 8 inch dust pan works very well around the edges of your washer basin for catching needless particles of food on said washer rim. Since a trip to the store for a vacuum bag was also not part of my perfectly crafted day, I'm wondering how my towels would like an oatmeal bath... after all in the "olden days" our moms put our bodies in the tub with such a mixture. Tupperware... oatmeal baths, burping our storage containers... some old fashioned ideas just make sense. But today I'm wondering if anyone can just say..."Pop-tart!"

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  1. Robin I hope you just had a pop-tart this morning! LOL I love the new look to your pages, beautiful!


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