Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Home made or Mix?

The aroma of pumpkin bread is still wafting through the house at 11pm. Knew I needed to share the discovery I made this afternoon. There may be others out there asking that question... Home made? or Mix? Well, when it comes to homemade banana bread, I havent found a mix yet that tops the recipe I acquired on a choir tour trip when I was about 18 years old.

We traveled through the northeastern states and were housed by families within the churches where we visited. In one of the homes in Pennsylvania, we were served homemade banana bread for breakfast. I was such a shy person at that age, it surprises me to think I asked for the recipe. So glad I did! I have always gotten rave reviews for my homemade banana bread. Didnt ask for the recipes for some of the breakfast fare or the other dishes we were served on our trip. Cold cuts and something called "doak" was served at one home in Canada. I also remember German potato salad served warm with lots of bacon and cheese. To each his own I say.

Even right here in our own family there are differences in our tastes for food. Now, back to my comments about the pumpkin smell lingering in my home this evening. My grandchildren came over to help decorate the tree today. Since their dad's birthday is tomorrow, we were planning to make him a pumpkin cake which is his favorite. Pumpkin bread has never found its way onto my list of favorite foods for holidays or anytime. The last time I made homemade pumpkin bread was when I'd been teaching kindergarten for about 5 years. The best I remember, 5 year olds are not great fans of this either. Today my granddaughter joined their number when we poured the "MIX" into the mixing bowl. "OOOH that stinks Neenie," she said. I had to agree.

I was so glad I reserved enough batter to do a small loaf (to freeze for Christmas for my son in law). Sorry, Micah... it didn't make it. I couldn't resist a taste when I returned from delivering the cake and the grandbabies. When I opened the door, the aroma was amazing! And the flavor was tops! Who would ever cook a whole pumpkin and go through all that effort when one could purchase the entire kit, add 3 simple ingredients for a result like this. It has truly made me a fan of pumpkin bread.... and I didnt even get any of the squeeze packet of icing to add to my sample...

I know I've left you in suspense and you are just waiting on me to name the MIX I used. Well, how could I keep it from you any longer. It could make a believer out of you! So, here goes... Libby's All Natural Pumpkin Bread Kit. It comes with the can of pumpkin and the squeeze packet of icing. You simply add eggs, water and oil. We made a bundt cake,but it will make two loaves of scrumptious bread . So what are you waiting for... run down to Harris Teeter and try it out. The price? dont know that piece of information since my daughter was the one who bought the mix. All I can say is "can opener and mixer or butcher knife and lots of seeds.... NO CONTEST!

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