Thursday, December 3, 2009

5 year old perspective

A five year old looks at the world through different eyes than we adults. Having taught kindergarten for 27 years, I miss the funny things they would say in class. I wasnt as diligent as I wish I'd been but I do have a small notebook of amusing things that were said that I didn't want to forget.

So today as I drove my grandchildren home from school, we were discussing their names and the background of each one. I mentioned they had names from the Bible. My grandson who is 8 knows the meaning of his name and that it's cultural origin is Hebrew. At some point the conversation turned to how people came over here from other countries in Europe like Scotland and Ireland. "Across the ocean, you know, like Columbus and the Pilgrims that you've talked about at school, " I said.

That's when it happened. One of those rare things you don't want to forget. My little Ellis spoke up boldly and said, "Yes, it was a hard winter and we had a difficult time building our houses." She spoke in first person as if she was being interviewed as one of the first settlers at Manteo. I guess you had to be there! ( the truly sorrowful face she made along with the gestures to show her despair are something I can't describe). It all ended with my 8 year old grandson saying to his sister in irritation, "that's not in the Bible Ellis." Not sure my teaching skills are still intact. I was still thinking about her comment as we drove into the driveway. They do soak up everything we tell them, everything they hear.

Would love to hear some funny things you have heard children say!


  1. Hi Robin, how wise little ones can be sometimes. The Reds are always cracking me up with something. Thank you for a sweet post.

  2. Oh Robin I just love it, I love what the little ones say. One of the funniest that I remember is when my Lea was little, she hated being complimented, made her embarrassed. Well one day someone said something nice to her and she said, "Please don't compromise me!" We still bring this up to this day and she is 17. She still hates to be complimented and we say, don't compromise her!


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